WWE NXT TakeOver: A New Women s Champion Crowned

WWE NXT TakeOver A New Women’s Champion Crowned

WWE NXT TakeOver: A New Womenai s Champion Crowned

NXT has a new womenai s champion, and her name is Ember Moon. After hitting a double finisher on both Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross, Moon pinned Cross, meaning the vacant title now has a holder.

Going into the match, Moon was a favorite, though not by much. The now-champion had a series of classics with former champ Asuka, leaving many to believe she was on the cusp of reigning supreme in one of the most exciting divisions in the WWE. Yet, many fans could make a case for any woman involved.

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Kairi Sane just came off a fantastic run during the Mae Young Classic, and considering the success of her fellow Japanese superstar, Asuka, the WWE could have easily placed her in a similar position. While she didnai t come out victorious, the fact that she wasnai t involved in the finish at all probably bodes well for the Pirate Princess. Along with Sane, both Royce and Cross have been on the rise since their debuts, and in reality, could sit atop the division at some point in the near future.

Regardless of who fans were rooting for, it will be hard to top the high octane action that was the Womenai s championship Fatal 4-way. In a fast-paced back and forth match, it looked like it could be over multiple times. Fans were treated to arguably the best elbow drop in the wrestling business by Sane, along with some of Crossai patented unhinged offense. But for now, the Houston native Moon is the woman to beat, and to truly signify this passing of the torch in the NXT womenai s division, her longtime rival Asuka met her in-ring to congratulate her.

Normally, in WWEai s developmental territory, a championship win means the company intends to call up said superstar at some point, so it will be interesting to see how long Moonai s title reign is. The Superstar shake-up last year gutted the womenai s division in NXT, but this match really solidified the division again. Hopefully, for selfish reasons, we donai t see too many NXT call-ups and are treated to a variety of fresh championship matchups throughout the year.

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