Wendy Williams Collapses On Live TV During Halloween Show a Is She OK?

Wendy Williams Collapses On Live TV During Halloween Show — Is She OK

Wendy Williams Collapses On Live TV During Halloween Show a Is She OK?

What just happened? While live on-air for her Halloween episode, Wendy Williams collapsed mid-speech. Watch the terrifying video here.

UPDATE: Wendy later revealed in an Instagram video that,A Ia m home, Ia m hydrating. I will definitely be there tomorrow with the rest of the story. She could be seen in a leopard print robe while resting on her sofa with bottles of Gatorade, Pedialyte and other electrolytic drinks on a table next to her.

Wendy WilliamsA was more than halfway through withA her Halloween episodeA when something went terribly wrong. The talk show host was reading the teleprompter whileA dressed as the Statue of Liberty, when suddenly, she went completely silent and her face went blank. She then began stumbling backward while staring, wide-eyed, into the camera, before falling to the ground backward. Cameramen immediately rushed to her aide, but the picture quickly faded to black and cut to commercial. In the background, the audience members could be heard gasping as the whole thing went down.

Luckily, Wendy was okay. She came back after the commercial break and assured fansA that she was fine, although she admitted to overheating in her costume. She even made a joke to close out the episode a Was I passed out for that long?! she asked, when she realized that the hour was up. Wendy is feeling much better, a rep for the talk show toldA HollywoodLife.comA in a statement. She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. She will address the incident on tomorrowa s show. A Wea re SO thankful shea s okay and hope she gets some rest after the terrifying ordeal. WendyA didA go all-out for her Halloween costume, donning a skintight, green dress and rocking a green wig to channel the Statue of Liberty, and it mighta ve all just been a bit too much with all the lights and cameras on her at once.

So crazy I just saw Wendy Williams pass out in person but she got up and was a trooper, one person wrote on Twitter. Another viewer added, Praying for @WendyWilliams 🙁 Ia ve passed out twice and ita s a scary feeling. Someone else said that watching Wendy collapse was one of the scariest things theya ve ever seen.

HollywoodLifers, please send all your well wishes to Wendy in the comments section below.

Source:A https://hollywoodlife.com/

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