Stranger Things ‘Chances Are Very High’ Kali Returns in Season 3

Stranger Things: ai???Chances Are Very Highai??i?? Kali Returns in Season 3


Stranger Things: ai???Chances Are Very Highai??i?? Kali Returns in Season 3

Stranger Things ai???Chances Are Very Highai??i?? Kali Returns in Season 3

Season 2Ai??ofAi??Stranger ThingsAi??brought all kinds of changes to the show, but perhaps noneAi??has beenAi??as divisive as the introduction of new characterAi??Kali, played by Linnea Berthelsen. In ai???ChapterAi??Seven: The Lost Sister,ai??i?? while the rest of theAi??denizens of the town of Hawkins were off figuring out how to defeat theAi??Demogorgons, Eleven took a side trip to locate the girl from her motherAi??Terryai??i??s memories.

The result wasAi??a bottle episode that deviated from the main storylineAi??butAi??allowed the series to experiment a little bit. Kali, AKAAi??Eight, was once imprisonedAi??at Hawkins Laboratory with Eleven, and as a result, she developed theAi??unique ability to create illusions in peopleai??i??s minds. However, unlike Eleven and her friends who are trying to save the world, Kali and her gang of misfits areAi??on a quest forAi??revenge.

at Vulture Festival LA (hat tipAi??Deadline),Ai??co-creator Matt Duffer has revealed that Kaliai??i??s return is already being planned:Ai??ai???It feels weird to me that we wouldnai??i??t solve [Kaliai??i??s] storyline. I would say chances are very high she comes Things 2 Kali Eleven Train Scene Stranger Things: ai???Chances Are Very Highai??i?? Kali Returns in Season 3

Yet this can only happen ifAi??Stranger ThingsAi??does indeed return for season 3. WhileAi??itai??i??s likely that one of Netflixai??i??s most promising series will beAi??renewed, co-creator Ross Duffer also on the panel seemed hesitant to say either way:Ai??ai???We are [in] very early days on season three and weai??i??re still figuring it Ai??Then after realizing his misstep added,Ai??ai???I probably wasnai??i??t supposed to say thatai??i?? Thatai??i??s not official, that wasnai??i??t an official announcement ai??i?? weai??i??re just working on it, just for our own amusementai??i??for fun!ai???

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Itai??i??s no secret thatAi??The Duffer Brothers are looking forAi??Stranger ThingsAi??to last about four or five seasons, but Netflix has yet to confirm the series will be back. Still we can imagine what future installments will look like since the group still has to defeatAi??the Shadow Monster. On top of that is the return of Kali and whether sheai??i??ll turn out to be a friend or the ultimate foe, along withAi??anyAi??otherAi??kids that may have survived Hawkins Lab.

Source: Ai??Deadline