a L&HH: Hollywooda a Ray J & Princess Love Visit A Fertility Shaman To Help Them Conceive

Ray J & Princess Love Visit A Fertility Shaman To Help Them Conceive

L&HH: Hollywooda a Ray J & Princess Love Visit A Fertility Shaman To Help Them Conceive

Move it or lose it! Friendships and relationships are put to the test on the epic Sept. 4 episode of L&HH: Hollywood.a Princess Love and Ray J are trying creative new ways to conceive and so much more!

The tension between the ladies reaches a boiling point afterA Alexis SkyyA takes to social media to air out her grievances about her rivalsA Moniece SlaughterA andA Masika Kalysha. At the beginning ofA the Sept. 4 episode ofA Love & Hip Hop: HollywoodA titled Squad Goals, Alexis meets up withA Zell SwagA andA Lyrica AndersonA to spill all the tea about the heated drama. Everyone heard about the showdown between the girls and now things are out-of-control awkward. Alexis confesses that Moniece pulled up on her while she was leaving a restaurant and they fought. She thought she was ganster, Alexis says, opening up about the fallout of her public service announcement about her nemesis. Moneice claims the beef was Masikaa s, but now that Alexis slammed her family, the claws are out.

It looks likeA Brooke ValentineA has a new man in her life! The songstress decides to stop byA Boobya s new apartment and the chemistry between them is off the charts. Brooke reveals that shea s jealous about his hookup with another woman last night, but he responds, Youa re trying to tell me what I can and cana t do, but what about you? What can and cana t you do? He explains why that would be hypocritical, since she hasna tA officially ended thingsA withA Marcus Black. Whatever you decide to do I got you, Booby says, before playing a snippet of their steamy music collab. She says ita s hot and decides to invite him to Lyricaa s listening party as her plus one.

Teairra MariA andA Nikki Mudarris, aka Miss Nikki Baby, meet up for the first time in a while and it feels like no time has passed. Nikki reveals that shea s super excited about growing her brand and launching her cosmetics line, but the tone quickly changes whenA CiscoA gets brought up. Teairra reveals that she caught him cheating, bringing up how she saw red lipstick (the telltale sign) on his head and left him in the dust. Nikki asks if shea s still drinking to cope with her struggles and Teairra says occasionally, but ita s not a serious problem. Miss Nikki Baby wants to make sure that shea s got it under control, and all seems fine a for now. They talk about Teairraa s beef withA Hazel-EA as well, since they used to be best buds, but not anymore.

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Lyricaa s listening party is supposed to be a momentous occasion to celebrate her new music, but with a divided guest list, things were bound to get wild. The bash started off without a hitch, since everybody was dancing and having a fabulous time. It gets really awkward when Lyrica sees Brooke with a new man, but when Mister Ray arrives, he stirs up even more drama, dissing Alexis like ita s going out of style. Masikaa s not even at the event, yet the entire group was fighting over having to choose sides. Things go from zero to 100 when Lyrica speaks up and slams them for trying to control who shea s friends with, noting how shea s nice to everybody. Lyrica tells Moneice she doesna t even like looking at her after she ruined her bash and kicks them out!

Luck is not in the cards tonight, since Nikkia s celebration also goes south. Shea s excited about her latest business venture and feels like a boss. The ladies are dressed to impress and ready to party the night away, including Teairra, who also makes an appearance. Nikkia s psyched to see her at the soiree, but Teairraa s smile quickly turns upside down when Hazel walks in the room. She was going to avoid her at all costs, but Nikki wants them to bury the hatchet and talk things out since they used to be so close. Hazel says she promises to be cool and decides to greet her nemesis. Teairra is N-O-T feeling it and slams Hazel for throwing food at her last time. Hazel doesna t apologize and taunts her futher, so Teairra lunges forward andA they nearly come to blows!

On a lighter note,A Ray JA is working on fulfilling his promise to start a family withA Princess Love. The lovebirds go to see a fertility shaman after finding out about his low sperm count, hoping to do whatever it takes to get a bundle of joy as soon as possible. They do several rituals together until ita s discovered that Ray has a hesitation to be a father. Princess totally agrees with this assessment, revealing how if he wanted to have a baby with her, he needs to be at home while shea s ovulating. Ray says hea s ready, so he later decides to go a step further and finds a frienda s baby to watch over, so he can show some initiative to Princess. He wants to learn the ropes and shea s touched by his ever-so-romantic gesture. Anything to get rid of that mental block!

As expected, the episode ends with a surprise visit a but not by a stork. Nikki meets up with Moneice to talk about the way things went down at her event, revealing how shea s worried about Teairraa s drinking habits. The ladies agree that ita s time to take matters into their own hands, so they tell Teairra to come to a surprise party, which is actually an intervention. When Teairra arrives, she already had doubts about a party in the middle of the day, so whenA KristinaA introduces herself, she knew it was about to be a very serious meeting. Ia m here because your friends want me to have a conversation with you about your drinking, the interventionist says. Hopefully, this works out for the best!

Source:A http://hollywoodlife.com/2017/09/04/

As the cast live it up in Marbs, is this going to be the most OTT TOWIE ever?!

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