Blac Chyna Dishes on Her Epic Wig Collection: ‘I Need 10!’

Blac Chyna Dishes on Her Epic Wig Collection: ‘I Need 10!’

Blac Chyna Dishes on Her Epic Wig Collection 'I Need 10!'

Blac Chyna will go to great lengths to make sure her hair is perfect, even if it takes flying her go-to hairstylist cross-country to deliver her beloved wigs. “There’s one hairstylist and one company,” the 29-year-old tells Elle. “Kellon, he resides in Atlanta and he loves me so much, and he flies from Atlanta to come and do my hair. Even if I call him and I’m like ‘Kellon, I need ten wigs.’ He’s like, ‘Alright, when do you need it by? What do you need?’ and it always gets done, period. He flies back and forth and makes sure I’m good. We use a company called Kendra’s Boutique.”

“[Kendra] is a good friend of mine,” the Lashed Bar owner continued, adding that she originally connected with them both on Instagram. “The people I have around me, we’re all really close and we worked together for a long time. I think I probably slid into both of their DMs. I had to pay [Kellon] a zillion dollars to get him out there and I’m like, ‘Once I get him out here, he’s gonna follow me. We’re gonna be best friends.’”

Although the E! reality star has an impressive, rainbow-colored wig collection, she revealed she sometimes leaves home without one. “It’s so funny because the days I do get dressed up, there’s nobody there to take pictures and the day I’m like, ‘I’m gonna put on a hoodie and run out with some slides and no wig,’ there they are to get me,” she explained of the ever-present paparazzi.

Chyna recently revealed to Us Weekly that she chooses her wig colors based on how she’s feeling. “If I’m not in a good mood, I’m gonna wear black hair. I’m not gonna wear blonde hair. If I’m feeling feisty, I’m gonna put on a red wig,” she told Us.

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